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Volunteering is at the heart of May Court life, and part of being a member is to be committed to offering time regularly in support the Club's work. Women who enjoy using their existing skills, or who want to learn new ones within a trusting and supportive environment have a natural home in the May Court Club. If you aren't a member, you can still volunteer for some activities as a Friend (see below).

The Club has opportunities to:

  • Participate in teams working on May Court events and projects

  • Volunteer in local organizations, or in Club-led programs

  • Use or develop leadership, organizational and other skills

Volunteers work within one or more of three general areas:

  • As a volunteer in a community organization that reflects the May Court's mission

  • Leading or working on an initiative, project or volunteer program led by the Club

  • Working within the Club to achieve its goal, or to ensure it runs smoothly and responds to emerging needs

Volunteer in the community

Since its first days, members have represented the Club and its goals as volunteers in local organizations and institutions. Today, we have volunteers in various locations, and we're working to build our base as a community resource for organizations in need of volunteers.

Volunteer in a May Court project

Every year, the may Court leads or participates in projects and fundraising programs that contribute to the causes we support in the community. There's always a demand for members to join the team or contribute a specific skill to achieving our projects' goals. Often, there's an opportunity to build confidence and skills in fundraising, leadership or other roles within a project.

Volunteer to help run the Club

It takes many hands to keep the Club running smoothly, keeping in touch with the community, and making sure it stays relevant to needs in Niagara. There's plenty of opportunity to use your skills to help May Court thrive, or to develop new skills in our friendly and supportive environment.

Volunteer as a "Friend" of May Court

May Court is often in need of extra help, and we welcome women, men and students to help with fundraising and volunteer activities. Volunteering as a Friend is also a great way to get to know the Club before joining. If you'd like to volunteer on an ad hoc basis, or for a single project, contact us, and we'll call you for a no-obligations chat about volunteering as a Friend.

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