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Each year, The May Court Club is proud to distribute funds it has raised during the previous year. Donations are made to non-profit organizations in the Niagara region for programs that reflect the Club's mission, with emphasis on programs supporting women and children, and their mental health and food security.

Who we support

The May Court Club is especially - but not exclusively - interested in applications that fund mental health and nutrition concerns, and serve the needs of women and children in Niagara. Donations generally range between $500 and $2,500. View a list of recent grant recipients  

Submitting a grant request

The grant process takes place during the early months of the year . If you wish to apply, and haven't done so in recent years, please read our criteria for donations. If you think your program is eligible, complete the application form and return it to May Court by Friday February 23, 2024 for inclusion in our 2024 annual submission opportunity. If you've submitted an application in the last two years, we automatically send you an invitation to apply.

All submissions received by the closing date are reviewed by a committee of the Club to assess their relevance to our mission and current funding priorities. They are then assessed more closely and recommendations are made to the Club Board and members. Donations agreed by a general vote at a club meeting are distributed to successful applicants prior to May 31 each year. 

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