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About The May Court Club

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Our Mission

The May Court Club of St. Catharines is a women's organization dedicated to addressing the needs of our community,

primarily those of women and children, 

through volunteerism and fundraising.

The first May Court Club was founded in Ottawa in 1898 as a means for young women to carry out voluntary work in the city. It was the very first service club to be founded in Canada. The St. Catharines' chapter was founded in 1935, and continues to attract women of all ages who wish to contribute to our communities' well-being through volunteerism and fundraising.

During the 88 years of the MCCSC’s existence, members have donated time and energy to placements and projects in approximately 100 different organizations, and have donated money to over 175 causes. Although the focus of the Club's support varies over the years according to community needs, some of our longest ongoing support has been for family nutrition, children with disabilities, and at-risk and homeless youth. The St. Catharines chapter is one of nine clubs that make up the Association of May Court Clubs of Canada.

The club's membership is women living in St. Catharines and surrounding areas of the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. Today, it raises money for organizations that support the needs of women and children, and especially in the areas of health and nutrition. The club also facilitates volunteering for members in organizations that address the Mission of the Club.

For more information about our Club, please email:

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Our Vision

Commitment to Members and Community

Active Engagement in Service and Fundraising

Innovative Approaches to Transformative Action

Continuous Quality Development

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