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The 5th May Court Club 50/50 Lottery

is open until

11:59 p.m. February 14!

The Jackpot stands at



All proceeds from May Court lotteries are distributed to programs in the Niagara region serving primarily women and children, in the areas of nutrition and mental health.


The jackpot for the December 15, 2022 50/50 Draw was $1740

The winner, Margaret T., received $870. 

More abou fundraising

About May Court Fundraising

Fundraising is a central part of the May Court Club's activities, and we're proud to have been a member of Niagara's volunteer fundraising community since 1935. Needs in Niagara may have changed since then, but it's still true that many vital projects and programs in the region depend on access to funding raised by volunteer organizations focused on local needs.

Over the years, the Club has raised funds for 175 causes that support women and children, especially in the areas of mental health and nutrition. Sometimes funding is needed for just one year, but the Club has regularly contributed much-needed funding to specific causes over many years. At times, the Club has successfully partnered with other local fundraising groups to maximize the impact we can have on major community initiatives.

Currently, we're very pleased to partner with St. Catharines' Delta Bingo. The Club provides volunteers at St. Catharines Delta Bingo sessions on a twice-monthly basis, and thus receives a portion of the funds disbursed by the organization. We're very grateful to Delta Bingo and Gaming for its support, which is an important part of our annual fundraising revenue.

There are always opportunities for members to help fundraise, and we also welcome non-members, men and students as volunteers during specific events.

Like many other fundraising organizations, in recent years the May Court has experienced significant challenges in how it raises funds.  Nevertheless, we adapted successfully. We remain committed to our Mission, and we're looking forward to an exciting fundraising year in 2023.

Contact us for more information about fundraising. 

Go to Grants for more information about who benefits from our fundraising.

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