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Proudly serving the Niagara region of Ontario

Who are we

Who are we?

The May Court Club is a women's service club that raises funds and provides volunteers for community organizations in the Niagara region, focusing primarily on the needs of women and children, in the areas of nutrition and mental health. Read more...


Each year, May Court members initiate, organize and present fundraisers that raise the money we distribute annually, through grants, to not-for-profit organizations in the Niagara Region. Read more...


May Court has a wide variety of choices for volunteers. Members volunteer in local organizations' projects, either as part of a May Court program or on a one-off basis responding to an immediate need. Importantly, members also volunteer within the Club to ensure the success of its fundraising projects, its leadership, and its administration. Read more...

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Our Mission

The May Court Club of St. Catharines is a women's organization dedicated to addressing the needs of our community,

primarily those of women and children, 

through volunteerism and fundraising.


All the money raised by May Court is redistributed each year as grants for programs in our communities that reflect the Club's mission. Applications are invited from eligible organizations. Read more...

Join Us

Our members are women living in Niagara (ON), who see the challenges faced by our communities and want to help reduce barriers facing individuals and families. Members contribute their time to May Court activities, and there's plenty of opportunities to participate. Read more... 


As just one of many organizations carrying out fundraising in the community, May Court recognizes the importance of community giving. We appreciate the generosity of those who sponsor our activities, or donate their time, money or resources. Contact us to discuss becoming a supporter, or donate today.

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